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The Farris Method

An Evidence-Based Approach to Classroom and School Transformation

The Farris Method

What Is The Farris Method?

The Farris Method is a cutting-edge, research-driven revolution in education. This transformative approach, rooted in developmental psychology and educational theory, empowers educators and school leaders with the expertise and tools to guide students on a path toward reaching their full potential.

Picture classrooms filled with well-adjusted, eager learners, making teaching a breeze and academic success a given. The Farris Method isn't just about fostering student achievement though; it's also about simplifying the lives of teachers and administrators, making education an exhilarating journey of growth and accomplishment for everyone.


Join the movement where innovation meets transformation! The Farris Method is reshaping the future of education so students thrive, teachers excel, and academic success becomes the new norm.

Why Use The Farris Method?

When used in schools, The Farris Method promotes student well-being and academic success, reduces teacher stress, and results in more resilient and secure school environments.

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Well-adjusted, academically successful children become productive adults who make a positively impact on society. They are a source of pride for teachers, administrators, and parents.

Recent trends, however, indicate a decline in both well-being and academic success, with rising rates of depression and anxiety among children and teens and an unprecedented rate of school-based violence and shootings.

Teachers, who enter their profession with a desire to shape young minds and make the world a better place, often encounter a stark contrast between their initial expectations and the challenging realities they face in the classroom.

Why are we seeing an abundance of maladjusted students,

burned out teachers, and unsafe schools?

Short answer: It's not them. It's the system they're in.

The school system that's in place today was never designed to handle the challenges of our modern world. Teacher education programs continue focus on one-size-fits-all lesson planning and outdated classroom management approaches, while largely ignoring knowledge and tools related to child and adolescent development. So, you're using outdated approaches in a modern world. No wonder you're not getting the results you want!

There's a simple solution:

The Farris Method!

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Incorporating fundamental theories and techniques rooted in evidence from the fields of developmental psychology and education yields a profound transformation in the dynamics of classrooms and schools.


Even more significantly, using evidence-based techniques to establish meaningful connections with students, prioritize their well-being, and leverage their unique developmental characteristics can not only spare educators from frustration, but also cultivate healthier learning environments.

The ripple effect is profound!


When our students thrive, our schools become healthier and safer. This means that teachers and administrators can do their jobs without the constant flow of stressors they're currently facing.

The Farris Method gives educators a timely, evidence-based tool kit that enables them to seamlessly create healthy environments so they can actually focus on teaching rather than constantly managing classroom challenges. 

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The Farris Method has the power to transform single classrooms, entire schools, and our society as a whole. Dr. Farris has put this theory to the test in her own innovative school, Flying Trees Academy, where students are prioritized first as human beings and then as learners. The results have been profound! Students and teachers love coming to school, and students' academic growth has been notably stronger than would be expected in a traditional school setting. You, too, can experience these outcomes!

Are you ready to find out how The Farris Method can transform your school?

Visit the "Speaking and Training" or "Consulting" pages to find out more about Dr. Farris' keynote speaking, training, & consulting opportunities that can help you make your school a healthier, safer environment with happier teachers and successful students.

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Customized Solutions

Teacher Support

Successful Students

Meet Dr. Jaelyn Farris

Dr. Jaelyn Farris is a child development expert and speaker who specializes in helping students and teachers navigate their ever-changing world. As the creator of The Farris Method and the founder of the first school to implement this transformative approach, she is a thought and action leader committed to making the world a better place for young people and the adults who help them grow.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela


"Dr. Farris helped me through a monumental time in my life, my undergraduate years. I was blessed to have Dr. Farris as my advisor. She helped me with class information, looking at graduate programs, and overall just wanted the best for my well-being as I prepared to move into the professional world. Dr. Farris helped shape me as a student and gave me all of the tools necessary to succeed within a role past being her student." 


(Former Student)

Mental Health Counselor

“I know that by not only teaching your methods to students but, by also helping other teachers & schools with certain challenges, that you will truly be changing the world for the better. This reminds me of a quote from Mother Teresa, 'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.' And that’s exactly what you’re doing.” 


(Former Student)

Housing Deputy

“I am so grateful I got to meet this lady and have her as a professor. I still know and implement things I’ve learned from her in my everyday life as a parent and educator. Dr. Jaelyn Farris thank you so much for all you do.” 


(Former Student)


As someone who has been taught by you, I can say with absolute certainty and confidence that you are changing the world one child at a time!" 


(Former Student)

Advertising Sales Representative

 “You’re continuing to make such a positive impact on education! I still take your lessons with me every day.”


(Former Student)

Project Manager

I really liked how you taught the class and recognized us as human beings and
not just students.

-Psychology of Education Student

This class has taught
me so much, and so much beyond the realms of the information I'm receiving in my education courses.

-Psychology of Education Student

One of the best and most ethical educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

-Psychology of Education Student

“Imagine if everyone woke up the next day and they completely loved and accepted themselves. Just imagine the power and possibility of that.”

Panache Desai

on Oprah's Super Soul Podcast,

August 1, 2018 

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