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Dr. Jaelyn Farris

Using evidence-based approaches to transform education

The Farris Method

What Is The Farris Method?

The Farris Method is an innovative, evidence-based approach to raising healthy and successful children. It uses basic principles from the fields of developmental psychology and education to equip adults with the knowledge and tools to raise well-adjusted children and adolescents.

Why Use The Farris Method?

When used in schools, The Farris Method results in successful children, less-stressed teachers, and healthier and safer schools!

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Well-adjusted and successful children become productive adults who make society a better place. 

They are a pleasure for teachers, administrators, and parents.

But lately, these children seem to be becoming the exception rather than the norm, as evidenced by dramatically increasing rates of depression and anxiety among children and teens and an unprecedented rate of school-based violence and shootings.

Teachers enter their profession to shape young minds and make the world a better place. But the reality they face is often starkly different than what they expected. 

Why are we seeing an abundance of maladjusted students, stressed out teachers, and unsafe schools?

Short answer: It's not them. It's the system they're in.

The school system that's in place today was never designed to handle the challenges of our modern world.

And, teacher education programs were not designed to train teachers on how to help their students outside of implementing lesson plans, managing students using outdated approaches, and aiming for strong test scores.

There's a simple solution that will allow us to transform schools into healthier environments:

Using evidence-based approaches to transform education.

This is the foundation of the Farris Method.

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Implementing basic theories and techniques from the fields of developmental psychology and education can make a dramatic difference in how schools and classrooms function.

More importantly, using psychological techniques to build relationships with students, put their well-being first, and turn their developmental "quirks" into assets can help teachers avoid frustration and produce healthier classrooms.

Added benefit:

Healthier students lead to healthier and safer schools! We all know the old saying that "hurt people, hurt people." We can use evidence-based techniques, with minimal effort, to take away the hurt and create healthier students and safer schools! 

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Implementing evidence-based principles has the power to transform single classrooms, entire schools, and our society as a whole. Dr. Farris has put this theory to the test in her own innovative school, Flying Trees Academy, where students are prioritized first as human beings and then as learners. The results have been profound! Students love coming to school, their teachers aren't stressed, their parents are involved in their education, and students' academic growth has been notably stronger than would be expected in a traditional school setting.

Are you ready to find out how The Farris Method can transform your school?

Visit the "Speaking and Training" or "Consulting" pages to find out more about her' keynote speaking, training, and consulting opportunities that can help you make your school a healthier, safer place with happier teachers and successful students.

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Meet Dr. Jaelyn Farris

Dr. Jaelyn Farris is a child development expert and speaker who specializes in helping students and teachers navigate their ever-changing world. As the creator of The Farris Method and the founder of the first school to implement this transformative approach, she is a thought and action leader committed to making the world a better place for young people and the adults who help them grow.


I really liked how you taught the class and recognized us as human beings and
not just students.

-Psychology of Education Student

This class has taught
me so much, and so much beyond the realms of the information I'm receiving in my education courses.

-Psychology of Education Student

One of the best and most ethical educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

-Psychology of Education Student

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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