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Get a customized solution for your school!

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There are so many challenges in schools today.

Schools are having trouble finding enough teachers.

The teachers they have are overextended and exhausted.

Rates of mental health disorders among students – especially anxiety and depression – are higher than ever before, but teachers aren’t trained in or prepared to handle the challenges that result from this.

Students are acting out in class and aren’t learning to their fullest potential. School violence and shootings have become so common that teachers and students are afraid to be at school.


Teacher training programs are using outdated approaches. As a result, teachers aren't prepared to handle the challenges they're facing or to prepare students for careers of the future.

Can anything be done to solve these problems?



The answer lies in The Farris Method, which uses evidence-based practices from the field of psychology to transform education.

What's the best part? The Farris Method is easy to learn and inexpensive to implement! You don't need to purchase new materials, revise your curricula, or go through the extensive training and fidelity checks that accompany most evidence-based programs. You just have to be open to learning about The Farris Method's unique fusion of research from the fields of developmental psychology and education, and willing to implement its evidence-based pillars.


Dr. Farris offers consulting that will be personalized to your needs, with an end goal of helping you implement The Farris Method to improve your school, support your teachers, and promote your students' success. A full year of personalized, action-oriented, impactful consulting can cost less than the expense of losing and re-hiring just one teacher who quits due to burnout and stress!

Our consulting services are designed on a customized basis. We will work with you to discuss your challenges and strengths, and help you implement The Farris Method to promote your students' success while also making your classrooms and schools into healthier and safer environments.


Book a call today to discuss your concerns and learn how Dr. Farris can help you transform your school!

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