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Dr. Jaelyn Farris

Child Development Expert, Speaker

Meet Dr. Farris

Before she started speaking and training others about The Farris Method, Dr. Jaelyn Farris put it to the test by founding an innovative evidence-based school, Flying Trees Academy, where the primary focus is on promoting mental health and well-being to ensure that students develop into their best selves. When students feel good about themselves, they're ready to learn. In short, Dr. Farris is applying theory and research from the fields of psychology and education to promote her student's personal and academic success. Her students are healthy human beings who love coming to school because they feel respected, supported, and safe there. What's the result? These well-adjusted students are performing well above their grade levels, and they're showing more academic growth than students in traditional schools, because their basic needs have been met and their brains are free to learn and grow to their fullest potential.

The Farris Method works!

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As a developmental psychologist, Dr. Farris has spent more than 20 years working in the fields of mental health and academia. Her career has included working as a clinical mental health counselor, spending more than a decade as a college professor who taught numerous classes while running an active research lab, writing books to debunk myths and misperceptions about disadvantaged youth while also describing the factors that lead to resilience, publishing peer-reviewed journal articles about children's healthy development and success in school, and conducting applied research that used psychological principles to improve the lives of at-risk youth and their families. As a professor, Dr. Farris taught hundreds of current and future teachers how to harness the power of psychology to build healthy classrooms via college classes such as Psychology of Education, Child Development, and Adolescent Development. Learning about psychology, and how to apply it in their classrooms, allowed these teachers to shift from a “classroom management” perspective to a model in which students and teachers could not only survive, but thrive. Witnessing this dramatic shift was part of what compelled Dr. Farris to create her educational method.

As a result of its demonstrated success, coupled with growing interest in her unique and powerful approach, Dr. Farris is now speaking about "The Farris Method" to audiences big and small. By combining her strategic approach with an evidence-based yet outside-the-box perspective, Dr. Farris is helping teachers and school administrators break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts, and achieve their goals. Teachers and administrators leave her talks and trainings feeling empowered and equipped to use The Farris Method to transform their classrooms and schools into healthy, productive, and fun environments. With a unique approach for every audience, combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm, Dr. Farris makes a lasting impact on the teachers, administrators, and schools who take advantage of her services.

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